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Our faculty consist of professors, academicians and practicing psychologists, psychotherapists and counselors from reknown universities and clinics worldwide.


Our mission and vision is To enable as many people as possible worldwide access to first class, professional training and education in the different fields of Psychology


Our strategy is to train competent and well qualified psychotherapists, psychologists and counsellors worldwide to treat and serve more patients and clients


The International Psychology University (IPU) issues accredited PhD, D.Phil., D.Clin. (Psy), Masters, Honours degrees, graduates and postgraduates certificates and diplomas in various fields of psychology to those who have met the necessary standard of IPU board of examination.

Developing Successful Thinking, Emotion & Behaviour

Practice conducting counseling will bring peace to yourself and your family. It will helps your future career, current job and studies.

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The International Psychology University (IPU) issues  accredited PhD, D.Phil., D.Clin. (Psy), Masters,  Honours degrees, graduates and postgraduates certificates and diplomas in various fields of psychology. The IPU is led by an International team of faculty from the different  fields of psychology who serve as supervisors to  adult undergraduate and  graduate  learners  seeking professional certification and advanced  degrees in psychology.
IPU subscribes to the belief that education in Psychology should be learner-centered and self-directed. We also encourage an intellectual setting in which disciplinary boundaries are easily crossed and collaborative learning is emphasized. Our approach derives from the most progressive thinkers in adult education internationally and we proudly take our place among other prominent graduate institutions founded on these principals.  The Open University in the UK is one such example and, in the United States, The Union Institute and Graduate School, the Fielding Institute, the Saybrook Institute and the California Institute of Integral Studies are others, and the Intercultural Open University in the Netherlands. Today, IPU directed, innovative adult graduate education.about-us-content
Our psychology programmes are accredited by the European Union Accreditation Council for Distance & Mix Modals Learning in Higher Education (EUACDM), the World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP); the International Society for Psychotherapy, Counseling & Psychiatry: Theory, Research & Clinical Practice (ISPCP), the Malaysian Association for Psychotherapy (MAP) and the Malaysian Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Association (MCBTA). IPU  believes firmly that  study is  more an  attitude than  a  system. That attitude puts the learner first and the institution second. It concentrates more on the needs of the learner than on the convenience of the institution. It encourages individual opportunity rather than uniform prescriptive learning, and it de-emphasizes time and space, in favor of competence and performance.

IPU encourages the  “scholar-practitioner” model of study. In collaboration with a faculty supervisor, each learner creates an individualized curriculum of proficiency areas that are relevant to his or her chosen fields  of  specialization.
The  individualized  programs  require  a  learner  to  assume  a  great  deal  of responsibility  for  their  own  learning  process as the learner can then design course programmes with paces and interests that suit the needs of the student himself or herself. With clinical supervision, learners identify a topic areas and develop the necessary clinical skills needed to carry out their research and professional programs of study. They investigate important practical, clinical and socially relevant problems, disseminate their research and clinical results to professional audiences, and work with practitioners to implement and test their research and clinical findings.
Please find in “courses” the different programmes of psychology offered and if you are interested in pursuing research in a  psychology field not represented on this list, please get in touch – we are open to new ways of thinking in different areas of psychology and are willing to work with you to develop a degree customized for your interests.

"All shorts of things in this world behave like mirrors"

The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely
different idea of the things we know best.

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