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Masters Degree With Non-Relevant Degree


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Masters (M.A. Counseling; M.A. Counseling Psychology; M.Clin. Clinical Psychology; M.Sc. Psychotherapy; M.A. Child Psychology; M.A. Educational Psychology; M.A. Family Therapy; M.A. Couple Therapy; M.A. Addiction Therapy; M.A. Sex Addiction Therapy; M.Sc. Forensic Psychology; M.A. Organizational Psychology; M.Sc. Sports Psychology).

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Level Master
Credit Hours 189 Credit Hours | A Psychotherapy related diploma plus 150 CREDIT HOURS (with at least 1 from level 2) + 33 CREDIT HOURS OF ACADEMIC SUPERVISION (e.g. Journal Review, Academic Tutorial, Academic Research Writing, and Thesis identification supervision) + 36 CREDIT HOURS OF MASTER THESIS
Extra Students are required to buy various recommended text books
Price $12,538.00

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